We help you take writing or updating your Will off your Must do list, to better ensure money goes to who you want, when you want, tax effectively. We prepare simple or sophisticated Wills and where necessary make changes to your superannuation, insurances, trusts, companies and other structures. We help plan for incapacity, not just death.

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We help Executors and Administrators take control of a deceased estate and transfer or hold assets for beneficiaries. We also help those who want a thorough and professional property conveyancing service. 

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We help those whose have been unfairly treated and help others protect inheritances from challenge. We also act on behalf or advocate for those who need help - especially the elderly.

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Our history

Formed from the merger of RT Breen & Company and Verna A Cook – Solicitors we have been serving residents of Brighton and Bayside for over 50 years

Who we work for

We work for individuals, families and businesses 1:1 or in close cooperation with their trusted advisors who often may have referred us to you

How we charge

We like to charge on a fixed fee basis to give you certainty. Our fees depend on the complexity of the work and will be advised upfront where applicable.

Our values

Estate planning and administration should not be done by generalists

Legal services should be provided in plain English 

Estate planning is critically important and shouldn't be neglected